The Original Cheesecake is where it all began, the perfect combination of creamcheese, sugar and vanilla. The Original has a very smooth texture but still has the denses cheesecake taste finished off with a hint of vanilla.
The combination of the sour passion fruit with the richness of cheesecake creates a delightful but not overpowering delicious flavour. Topped off with a passion fruit sauce made from 100% real passion fruit sourced locally. Passion is one of our most popular cakes.
The name gives it away, we take the delicious unique biscuit from the oreo cookie and combined it with our secret cheesecake mix. The cake base is also made from 100% oreo biscuit to truely finish off the Oreo expereince. This cake is usually popular with those young at heart.
We have taken the beautiful sweet and sour meringue and combined it with our rich and creamy lime cheesecake. This cake is differently for those who live sour but is still nicely balanced with the sweet and light toasted meringue on the top.
Our green apples are imported from U.S.A and slow cooked in a homemade caramel and cinnamon mix. Layered with original cheesecake and topped off with a traditional crumble. One of our most decited cakes is served with fresh cream and our secret caramel cinnamon sauce.